Where Can I Find Cajun Food in Pittsburgh?

Originally published August 26th, 2017.

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Sometimes people ask me questions about things to do in Pittsburgh.

I love it.

I love brainstorming places, restaurants, and events. And even more than that, I love sharing these thoughts (hence the blog.)

However, I was asked a question the other day that took me by surprise. I feel like I must be missing something?

What is a good spot for Cajun food in Pittsburgh?

The asker had a friend coming into town who loves Cajun cuisine. Was there a spot she could take him? 

My initial reaction was: .....uh..... We are kinda lacking in the Cajun food department. Can I interest you in upscale American?

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Here are the few options I came up with :

Muddy Waters

As far as Cajun with a fun, instagrammable twist, this is the best option.  Google calls it a "Smooth, New Orleans–style bar & eatery serving seafood, Cajun plates & innovative cocktails."

Muddy Waters is one of few (?) places in Pittsburgh claiming to serve Cajun.

The menu includes options like gator & sausage gumbo, catfish, po boys, grits, ect. 

The food at Muddy Waters isn't my favorite because it is overpriced and I can't afford it. However, I will say that the drinks are delicious, and completely worth their hefty price tags 

So yeah, if you want Cajun food and a good Instagram (and are willing to pay a small fortune for it), this is the spot.

Muddy Waters


NOLA on the Square

I am going to lead with the facts on this one - I have never been. 

I could be wrong, but NOLA seems less Cajun, and more Mardi Gras. 

I can't speak for the food, as I have never tasted it. The menu seems promising with fried alligator, gumbo, beans, rice, jambalaya, catfish, and the rest of the usual suspects. 

Is this the "good Cajun food" my friend asked about? I don't know. I've never been. I do know the place looks like a lot of fun, and it serves Abita beer. 

NOLA on the Square

Pittsburgh Po'Boy Food Truck

Once again, haven't had it. I've never crossed paths with the Pittsburgh Po'Boy food truck.  

I know people love it, and their Instagram bio says "Cajun+Creole food. Poboys, Gumbo and whatever else we feel like makin."

Sounds promising.... and their food also looks promising. WOWZA. 

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Pittsburgh Po'Boy

I must be missing something. Maybe someone has the answer. Does anyone know where to find great (or even mediocre) Cajun food in Pittsburgh?

Please, leave a comment. These spots were all I could think of.

CHEERS! I am off to the new Bar Frenchman for dinner. I am really excited! 

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