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Originally published November 15th, 2017.

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Day 3 - Wednesday, November 15th

ViaHero - Personalized Travel Planned By a Local


For day three I'm making a deviation into the digital world, and featuring an online startup based in Pittsburgh -ViaHero.

Full disclosure - I've been working with Viahero for the past few months. 

However, what have I always said? I would never recommend something I don't actually believe in. 

I think ViaHero is brilliant concept. 


The company works by pairing travelers with a local in the country that they are traveling to. The locals listens to their travel preferences, and curates a personalized trip, packed with insider tips and off the beaten path locations. Ergo, you get a local giving you personalized recommendations before you even touch down in the country. 

For example, if you're visiting Iceland, your Icelandic trip planner would tell you about restaurants, hidden hikes, shops, local dishes, breweries, small towns, and homestays that relate to your interests.

They'll give you suggestions you would never have found otherwise.  As someone who loves travel, this is ideal. There is nothing better than a local suggestions... and this way, you don't have to spend hour and hours perusing blogs and newspapers to find them. 

As you get your plan before you leave, you'll also avoid hearing about cool spots too late into your trip, and being unable to go (there is nothing worse). 


The company operates in Japan, Cuba, and Iceland, aka three of the trendiest and most popular places in travel at the moment. And, with those new direct flights to Iceland from WOW Airlines, this is what you want to do when you plan your inevitable trip to Iceland from Pittsburgh.

Be sure to share the company with anyone you know that's heading to Cuba, Japan, or Iceland in the next few months!


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