The Best Place to Celebrate President's Day is a Bar in Buffalo, NY

I'm not sure if President's Day is something you "celebrate," per se.... but, if you're looking to try, I know just the place.

"Founding Fathers Pub" in Buffalo, NY, lives up to every part of its name. On one hand, it's a straightforward pub.... but on the other, it's an over-the-top shrine to U.S. history.

Every inch of the bar that isn't the ceiling, the floor, or the bar itself, is covered with U.S. memorabilia. Lots and lots of memorabilia. We're talking portraits of presidents, newspaper clippings of important events, various American flags, president cardboard cutouts, plaques, and more. The tables even have those nostalgic president placemats


History buffs will be in heaven, and even ignorant millennials will be impressed. 

The passionate bartender and owner, Michael Driscoll, is the heart behind the operation. As their website says, "Michael serves out almost as many facts about American history as he does drinks, something that makes a night in his pub an enjoyably social experience." The bar hosts trivia the first Tuesday of every month. 

And none of this is the best part. Can you believe that? Well get ready - Founding Fathers serves free nachos and popcorn. Yep. It's true. They also have a kitchen and recommend the burger or fried bologna sandwich. 

 photo: Jason Wadsworth on  flickr

photo: Jason Wadsworth on flickr

So, is this tiny dive bar worth the drive from Pittsburgh? Well, considering the drive is only 3.5 hours, I would definetly recommend a weekend in Buffalo with a side of Founding Fathers pub. 

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