Steepest Street in the USA is RIGHT HERE in PITTSBURGH!

Originally published September 18th, 2017.

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Sometimes I discover a topic and I am like,

"Oh! I should make a post on that!"

Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh, aka the steepest street in America, is one of those topics.

Yes, the steepest street in the USA (and probz the world) is in Pittsburgh. I feel like most people know that?

Today I am taking the easy way out and letting someone else do it for me. 

This is a video I found of a guy (Ben?) exploring and explaining Canton Ave: 

Way to go, Ben! 

More information on Canton Avenue can be found by Googling it, ya lazy. 

Oh yeah, Audi put it in a commercial once. It is actually pretty cool.

Also, I feel like everyone should watch this video of people biking up it during Pittsburgh's "Dirty Dozen" bike race:

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