The Pub Chip Shop is bloody brilliant!

Originally published August 6th, 2016.

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I mentioned last week that I have a complicated relationship with Shadyside.

Well, if my relationship with Shadyside is complicated, then my relationship with the South Side is labyrinthine.  Does the South Side = Pittsburgh's Jersey Shore? Well.... kinda. 

I made my way to the South Side for the first time in 2016 this week and had lunch at the Pub Chip Shop on East Carson Street.


The Pub Chip Shop is the 'chip shop' extension of Piper's Pub, a traditional pub that has been located on East Carson Street since 1999.

The Pub Chip Shop is located next door to Piper's Pub, and supplies a more "grab and go" type of British fare.

However, being 'grab and go' does not mean the menu is limited.  In fact, there are so many options it would be impossible to feel like you had conquered the shop after only one trip.

As a traditional chip shop should, the Pub Chip Shop sells unbelievable fish'n'chips and crunchy french fries (or as Brits call them, 'Chips').  These delectable morsels prove what we all know is true - fried food is delicious, and if you disagree, you are a liar. 


Moreover, the shop also features around 8 different types of savory pies and pasties, aligning with the "British fare" theme of the shop. I had the chicken tikka masala pie, and it kinda changed my life. 

And it does not stop there!  Oysters and chips, chicken and chips, bangers and chips..... tacos, friend chicken, sandwiches, and much, much more.  It would take months to eat your way through this menu - a goal I am happy to attempt to accomplish. 

We must also talk about sauces - you can choose from almost a dozen, from classic tartar to curried spice. 

Last, but certainly not least, the Pub Chip Shop also sells donuts!  And not just any donuts - were talking a 'bacon on your donut' type of experience.  The donuts are made fresh in the AM and usually sell out around noon, so be sure to stop in early if that is what you plan on getting.


In conclusion, if you're on the South Side of Pittsburgh for some reason (godspeed), and you need a quick and delicious lunch, the Pub Chip Shop is your answer. If two days later you need a quick lunch on the South Side, the Pub Chip Shop is your answer.  If two days after THAT you need a quick lunch on the South Side, the Pub Chip Shop is your answer.

Yum, yum, yum - my full stamp of approval. Plus everything is homemade. Cheers!

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