Pittsburgh Humanities Festival begins THIS weekend

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I have no clue if this is something that everybody knows about, or if everyone is just in the dark... but either way I thought I'd share.

The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival starts THIS weekend!

For the next two weeks (February 24-March 4) the city, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (and a bunch of other sponsors) will be hosting events at the Trust Arts Education Center (Downtown), as well as pulling big names for "featured" events at various Downtown theaters. Included in the featured event lineup is:

2/24 -Guy Raz - at the Byham
2/27 - PostSecret: The Show - at the Byham
3/3 - National Geographic Live - Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous - at the Byham
+ More

The above are all ticketed events. There will be two days of "Core Conversation" events Downtown on March 3rd and 4th ($5 general admission). The full schedule for those events can be found online


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