Pear and the Pickle Cafe - I would walk up Rialto for you

Originally published August 4th, 2016.

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I spent Monday of this week the way I assume Guy Ferrari spends his days: driving all over Pittsburgh, eating until I hated myself

Breakfast sammies +fish n chips + donuts + ice cream +savory pies..... yes, all of was consumed by one person.... and yes, I'm honesty pretty proud.

Blog posts on every spot I went will trickle out over the next few days, appearing at a rate inverse to how nice the weather is outside.


Today I want to talk about the first course - the FANTASTIC sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich I had at The Pear and the Pickle on Troy Hill in Pittsburgh.

I have a deep, deep love for all things breakfast sandwich related.  My rule when I fly is if I arrive at the airport early enough for McDonalds to still be serving breakfast, I have earned a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich for being up that early.  

Because of this love, I was deeply moved by the sandwich I had at the Pear and the Pickle, and generally the entire atmosphere there.  


The food was great.  All sandwiches, including the breakfast ones, are prepared on Pittsburgh's favorite Mancini bread.  The bread, slightly toasted on the grill, was fluffy and delicious.  It is a sausage-egg-cheese sandwich.  Do I really need to say more??

In addition, the menu boasted around 7 additional sandwich options (which sounded great), and the ability to build your own.  There are also some salads and sides.  

However, the BEST news, and a large part of the reason we made the trek up Rialto to get to the Pear and the Pickle, is the fact they serve Stumptown Coffee!  Even better, if you order a mug and drink it in store, you get a free refill!

The owners of the Pear and the Pickle, husband and wife duo Alexis and Bobby, hail from Brooklyn, and wanted to create "a cafe that would be a reflection of the good food and friends they had left behind."

Alexis and Bobby opened the Pear and the Pickle in April of 2016, and the space is part delicious cafe, and part small general store. 

Alexis has a background with general stores, spending much time in her grandfather's store during her youth.  Bobby worked as a cook for 9 years in Brooklyn.  Combine the two, and you have the Pear and the Pickle! 

The Pear and the Pickle is a large and beautiful space, and the care and soul Alexis and Bobby have poured into it is apparent.  


The three sequential rooms and their tables made out of doors are the perfect spot to share a meal with friends, or do work on your own.   

The staff, including owner Bobby himself, were very personable and eager to help, sharing their favorite menu items and anecdotes about some products they sell.  

I also didn't mind the freezer in the corner selling 4 different types of local Pittsburgh frozen desserts.  

OH, I bet you are wondering about the name.  The name is homage to the fact that Troy Hill was once a pear orchard, and then became the home to many pickle packagers at the Heinz factory.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a wonderful atmosphere that is located a little bit out of the hustle and bustle of the city to get a good meal or some work done, the Pear and the Pickle is MORE than worth the trek up Rialto.  

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