Going to Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe in the Southside, Pittsburgh

Originally published September 21st, 2016.

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I like it when I have something nice to say about the Southside in Pittsburgh.

I have a cool biker friend.... well, actually, maybe I should clarify.  I have a cool cyclist friend who has been wanting to go to the bicycle cafe "Over the Bar - OTB" in the Southside for a while. After a few weeks of missed connections, we finally made it happen.

She biked down, I drove (cause I'm lazy), and we had a wonderful lunch.  The cafe is a great spot for bike fanatics because the restuarant is just off of the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail. 


If you are spending a day biking all over the city, OTB is the perfect place to break up the day with a meal.

Over the Bar cafe exemplifies delicious bar food.  The cafe has a hefty menu that may take some time to sift through.  There truly is something for everyone, no matter the dietary restriction (or lack of).

Every menu can be performed with a healthy twist (substitute meat, substitute bread, ect.).  There are salads, sandwiches, and of course - many burgers to choose from.  Almost every item is named after a Pittsburgh biking reference.  

Actually, why don't you just take a look at the menu for yourself? 


Also, great new - they serve brunch. 


OTB as a restuarant that will make any type of eater happy.  If you are biking the GAP, Over the Bar is a must stop.  If you are looking for a solid meal in the Southside, check it out too.  It is solid bar food people... enough said. 

Allow me to close with their drink specials.... you are welcome....

MONDAY: $2 yuengling draft
TUESDAY: #3 beerita cans
WEDNESDAY: $2 off Goose Island from 6-12
THURSDAY: $3 Dales Pale Ale drafts
FRIDAY: $2 off craft cans

There is another location in North Park. Bikers, rejoice! 

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