18 Places in Millvale That You Need to Explore (now!)

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Living in Millvale, people frequently ask me about my favorite spots in the neighborhood.

My honest response? Guys, it's like a REALLY small town. You should probably just come here and explore for yourself... I'll meet ya later for a brew at Grist. 

Even so, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a few favorite spots. Located just five minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh (!!), Millvale is the perfect middle ground between being close to the city, and not actually living in the hustle and bustle of Lawrenceville. 

I can get anywhere I want in minutes, but my rent is still affordable and there aren't (too many) hipsters stealing my parking spot. 

So, other than the accessibility, why do I love Millvale so much? Well, come see for yourself! Won't you be my neighbor? 

Things to do in Millvale, Pittsburgh:

1. 40th Street Bridge

I absolutely hate driving across the 40th Street bridge. Truly. It's one of my least favorite things to do in Pittsburgh. However, walking across the bridge is a completely different story. 

From Millvale you can head up between Route 28 (be safe!) and cross the bridge by foot. There are several overlook points which provide great views of the Allegheny River, Downtown, and the northern bank of the city.

2. Grist House Craft Brewery


There are two breweries in Millvale. They're some of the best in Pittsburgh in terms of both atmosphere and beer. Grist House is a modern beer garden with tons of dogs, tvs for sports, food trucks, and a gritty, industrial feel.

This is a good place to go with a group of friends when the weather is nice, but know that it gets very crowded on the weekends.

3. Strange Roots Experimental Ales


Previously known as Draai Laag Brewing, Strange Roots is a quirky little brewery that specializes in funky beers. They are well known for their sours and Belgian styles.  Since changing their name to "Stranger Roots" they have diversified their beers, and now make more traditional styles like IPAs and Porters (albeit still very funky).  They also have a great beer garden! 

As someone who loves sour beers, this is the spot in Pittsburgh for tart brews!

4. The Bike Path

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail basically begins in Millvale, and runners/cyclists can park at the Millvale Riverfront Park to enjoy the trail. 

The TRHT runs all the way to the North Shore, around the point, and winds its way along the Monongahela River...eventually reaching Washington D.C. Fortunately, you don't need to travel that far to enjoy the trail. It's fun to run/bike Downtown, which is about 3 miles away from Millvale. 

5. Tazza D'Oro

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I feel SO lucky to have a coffee shop like Tazza D'Oro within walking distance of my apartment. It is the perfect combination of a friendly, neighborhood spot as well as a trendy, third-wave coffee shop. 

The shop is huge, and is great for grabbing coffee with friends or having meetings. They also have a tasty selection of pastries and light-bites. If you ask me to get coffee, 9 times out of 10 I'll trick you into going here and thinking it was your idea. 

6. Lincoln's P & G Diner

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Not many people realize that there is a Pamela's P&G Diner in Millvale.... well, that's probably because it isn't a Pamela's... it's a Lincoln's P&G diner. Don't fret - Lincoln's serves the same famous pancakes with the same checkered menus and plates... but is located inside of the 85-year-old Lincoln Pharmacy.

Yes, it is a diner located inside of a retro Pharmacy. Plus there is also a Pittsburgh spots superstore in the back (Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates merchandise). All of this makes it charming, authentic, and the best Pamela's in Pittsburgh.  

7. Jean-Marc Chatellier’s Bakery

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One of, if not THE, best French bakeries in Pittsburgh is located on North Avenue in Millvale. The shop's namesake pastry chef, Jean-Marc, is a third generation baker from a small town in Brittany, France. He has extensively studied French baking around the world, and opened his small bakery in Millvale in 1992. The shop is typically a revolving door of customers coming in for macarons, fresh bread, and their signature Breton Cake -  a treat that hails from Brittany, Jean-Marc’s homeland. 

Personal favorites: Macarons, almond croissants, Breton Cake

8. Yetter's Candy

Yetter's has been serving Millvale homemade ice cream, milkshakes, and their famous chocolate covered cherries since 1950. With their nostalgic decor, friendly staff, and massive homemade candy selection, there is no better spot for a sweet treat in Millvale. 

9. Esther's Hobby shop

At this point you're probably like, 85 year old pharmacy? Vintage ice cream soda counter? Could it possibly get any more nostalgic?

Oh my friends, we haven't even discussed Esther's Hobby Shop, AKA, Millvale's model train emporium.  Esther’s Hobby Shop opened in Millvale in 1938. The shop was originally a variety store, selling everything from ice cream to toys. Over the years it evolved into the tri-state's go-to destination for model railroad sets.

The store's motto is "Relax...with a Hobby!" which I love this because people need hobbies!!!

We would all do well from spending more time on puzzles, and less time scrolling on our phones. Even if you're not into trains, wandering Esther's is an experience. The sheer size of their train inventory is astounding. They also have puzzles, models, "paint by the number" sets, ect. If you're in Millvale, don't miss Esther's!

10. DeMore's Pizza

DeMore's is a Millvale institution and is known for their very unique pizza toppings. At the time of print, DeMore's is currently offering a "Gumbo Pizza" with andouille sausage and chicken. Expect a pilgrim pocket at Thanksgiving, heart shaped pizza in February, ect. Hoagies are also very good.

11. The Attic Records

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Record fans.... well. If you're a record fan I expect you already know about The Attic. No matter what type of music you're in to, The Attic has the vinyl, tapes, and CDs to fulfill all of your musical fantasies. Spanning two rooms, you can spend hours (and hours) wandering The Attic and discovering all sorts of music. 

12. Grant's Bar

This aptly-named Pittsburgh tradition is located on Grant Ave in Millvale.  Is their famous coconut cream pie one of the reasons I moved to Millvale? Maybe! Stop by for a yinzer-esque bar, fabulous fish and chips, and their very famous pie, which visitors come from all around the world (yep) to try!

This cottage-style restaurant can be seeing from Route-28 when passing Millvale. 

13. Mr. Smalls

One of the most unique concert venues in Pittsburgh is located in Millvale at Mr. Smalls. Located inside of an old church, Mr. Smalls is the perfect size for a concert venue - large enough to be fun, but small enough to be intimate. They bring a draw in a great selection of medium-sized bands and indie acts. Check out their lineup to see what shows are upcoming.

There is also the "Mr. Smalls Funhouse," a much smaller, even more intimate coffee house style venue with a bar and light snacks (and a kick-ass starry backdrop). 

And, speaking of churches, Millvale has about a dozen beautiful churches. I really suggest exploring the town by foot and checking them out!

14. Cousins Lounge

This is a really (see: really) good dive bar, located on Grant Ave in Millvale. It may very well be home to THE MOST comfortable bar stools in the world (seriously, I would happily make one of these my office chair). The drinks are cheap, the company is nice.... and in the summer they have a backyard with horseshoes (the game!)

15. Hardee's

You're probably like, "Maddie... why the heck are you mentioning a fast-food burger chain?"  To that I say..... I DON'T KNOW! But for some reason, 3/5 times I mention to someone that I live in Millvale, their first response is, "Oh, there is a Hardee's there."

I'm just trying to give the people what they want! So yes, in addition to the wonderful and independent restaurants, bars, and bakeries in Millvale, there is also a Hardee's, if you're into that (apparently a lot of people are). 

16. Maxo Vanka Murals

Housed inside of the St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Millvale is a collection of murals by the Croatian painter Maxo Vanka. They are generally agreed to be his greatest work, and tell the powerful story of "the immigrant experience in America; social justice and injustice and the horrors of war." (From the website.) Everyone who sees them is impressed by these powerful pieces of art. The church gives tours on Saturdays for a $10 donation. 

Honorable mentions: The Pittsburgh Food Truck Park (17) and the Axe Throwing Gym (18) are also in Millvale. Why are they honorable mentions and not on the list? Because I'm the boss around here and I do what I want.  

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