Mechanic Coffee Co. - Third Wave of Coffee, Just Outside of Pittsburgh

Originally published May 21st, 2017.

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It is pretty obvious that I love Pittsburgh.

However, lately, I've been loving the places just outside of Pittsburgh, as much as I love the city itself.

Sharpsburg, Coraopolis, Carnegie, Green Tree, Homestead (not the city), Millvale (not the city), and Bellevue, are all awesome areas that I want to explore further in the upcoming weeks. Oh, do I sense a new (soon to be abandoned) series coming on? 

Today we are talking about Verona! Well, specifically, one hipster coffee shop that opened up in Verona in September of 2016. 


Mechanic Coffee Co. is one of those trendy, minimalistic (think the Vandal), coffee shops. However, as hip as Pittsburgh has gotten, Mechanic is so Brooklyn that it really has no equal in Pittsburgh (maybe Arriviste?) This is one of those Third Wave of Coffee shops where you can go and actully learn a thing or two about caffeine (they have pour over machines - enough said). 

It is located on East Railroad Avenue, two blocks in from the main drag in town (Allegheny River Blvd).  This is nice because the area is quiet, and has ample spots to enjoy your coffee outside - there are a lot of benches across the street where the railroad station used to be. 

I wondered if the place would be busy, as it is kinda out of the way, and has limited press (or social media), but there was a revolving door of people coming through the entire time I was there.  Granted, it was a Saturday afternoon, but there was rarely a moment when someone wasn't dropping in for a coffee to go.  

Long story short - If you're in Highland Park, Harmar, Fox Chapel, or Oakmont, and are looking for a good cup of coffee/nice place to hang out - check out Mechanic Coffee Co

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