Did You Know This Person is From Pittsburgh?

Originally published August 31st, 2017.

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I absolutely must lead with the punchline on this one:

Mary Cassatt is from Pittsburgh.

Well, technically Allegheny City... but that is an even better fact than just being from Pittsburgh.

Mary Cassatt is from a town that was controversially annexed to Pittsburgh in 1907, aka when she was alive.

Should I be ashamed that I just learned this? I don't believe many people are aware.

Mary Cassatt is a famous Impressionist artist, well known for her breezy and beautiful portraits of mothers and children. 

I mean... just look....


Although she is best known for her work in France, Cassatt strongly identified as American. Some of Cassatt's early pieces (that were featured in the Paris Salon) can still be found in the state of PA.

When Cassatt was invited by Degas to work and show with the other Impressionists, she felt relieved. She could finally express herself in art without worrying about judges. She was also the only American artist to work with the Impressionists. 

I don't want to regurgitate someone else's research, so I suggest reaching more about her:

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Explore PA History - I got a lot of information from this piece. 

What an incredible lady. Pittsburgh should be proud to call her our own... or, at least the North Side should!

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