*eye roll* Lonely Planet says Pittsburgh Neighborhoods are "Hottest in America"

Originally published October 15th, 2017.

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Lonely Planet recently published a list called, "Hot ‘hoods in the US: 10 neighborhoods you need to visit." (Link)

Pittsburgh was the first city on the list, preceding places like Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Nashville, D.C., ect. 

While this is a great honor (and please, Lonely Planet, keep talking us up) it just makes me laugh because the hottest hood (singular) in Pittsburgh is "East Liberty & Lawrenceville."


Do we need two neighborhoods where other cities need one? Lets just grasp at all the threads of cool in Pittsburgh and hope something sticks...... 

East Liberty and Lawrenceville? C'mon. 

It would be one thing if it was "East Liberty and Shadyside," or "East Liberty and Garfield," or "Lawrenceville and The Strip District."

Anyone knows driving between these two neighborhoods is what nightmares are made of. And, more importantly, one doesn't need the other to make it cool. 

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Maybe I'm just bitter because the first line is....

"Pittsburgh won’t be the first American city to beep on your cool-o-meter, but its eastern neighborhoods might just be the sleeper hit your hipster sensibilities have been craving."

And then, on East Liberty....

"....As a result, the influx of moneyed millennials has willed a new food and beverage scene into existence, led by the Ace Hotel, which opened in a once-derelict YMCA in 2015—all of which is making the Steel City’s reputation considerably less rusty."

The Ace Hotel did not lead the food and beverage scene in East Liberty. Places like The Red Room (now gone), Dinette, Paris 66, Plum, Spoon, and BRGR did. 


When did this turn into a rant? I promise my intention was to share the exciting news that we were featured in Lonely Planet.

Either way, I'm a writer who receives mean comments almost daily from readers, nitpicking every word I say.

I don't want to be that person.

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