An event that is too cool to exist - Pittsburgh's Art All Night 2017

Originally published May 1st, 2017.

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A bizarre event that is too cool to actually exist happened this weekend in Pittsburgh: Art All Night.

Seriously, I am so confused how this event exists? And that so many people come out for it?  Seriously, I think Pittsburghers rally for sporting events, and Art All Night - there is no in between.

Art All Night is a (nearly) 24 hour long art show with the motto, “No Fee, No Jury, No Censorship" - and they mean every part of that.  


The entire event is free (including the booze), and anyone - from you elderly g'ma, to your 2-year-old niece - can enter a piece of art into Art All Night.  Moreover, it can be anything  from a sketch on a napkin, to a painting that took you a decade to complete, an interactive devil mask, a photograph from vacation...anything!

It doesn't end there... there are other mediums of art as well: comedy rooms, music stages, dance floor, drum lines, live mosaics, live paintings, children's fort making, crafts, and more! It is just one gigantic, late night, art festival in a warehouse... and it is brilliant. 

THE BEST PART? The people.... like I said, I couldn't believe how many awesome Pittsburghers showed up for this event.  Pittsburgh isn't even a late city, and yet thousands of people were there into the wee hours of the morning... in the name of art! Not even for the Steelers! 

When I say it is free, it is... but considering donating in some of the collection bins to keep this awesome event going! 

I am currently still riding the high of this fantastic event. There is so much I could say, but instead I am going to encourage you to look up the event yourself, check out my artist friend Ryan who introduced me to it, and share my... 


The drum lines

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Starting at 11:30 PM to 1:00 AM there was a drum line procession/parade of very, very talented people.  This was easily my favorite part - watching them play, dancing along, following them around the space, and seeing other people have fun as well! Included in the parade:

  • Colonel eagleburgers
  • Highstepping Goodtime Band
  • Timbeleza

Check them out! 

Perusing all the art


I mean, this is the point of the whole thing, ain't it?  I must say, we have some wacky, talented, and wacky talented people in our city. 

Seeing the live painting


My friend Ryan (who I mentioned above) was one of several artists who took part in the "live painting demonstration" part of the evening, a.k.a. people painting on site.  What talent! 

Eating bread

I will be honest - at first I judged the bread hard. Why were there just piles of bread chillin all over the place? Then I realized: plain bread is under appreciated. A slice of mancini with nothing on it was delectable. Good call, Art All Night!

The free booze

Need I say more? They were "free," but is always nice to donate a dollar per drink!

Playing Favorites


I bid on some art... not sure if I got them.  I didn't bid on the two above, but I love them! 

Judging parents who let their kids stay out late

I get it is fun, but it is 1:00 AM and I am pretty sure that kid is 3 years old. 

Seeing a Shih Tzu puppy 

Once again, need I say more?

Watching people look at my art

Being a (not so subtle) creep while other people looked at my piece was probably the best part of the show for me, not even gonna lie. I don't know much about art shows, but I doubt you get such an opportunity to be a fly on the wall.... some of my favorite things people said include:

  • "What does Compton even have to do with it?"
  • "Ha! Like the Drake song!"
  • "You would want prenup because like... that is something people say?"

Long story short: support art, support the arts, and support Art All Night - a show with no fees, jury, or censorship. 

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