My 3 Favorite Drinks at Muddy Waters in Pittsburgh

Originally published March 16th, 2017.

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Oysters are a treat, so it would make sense that when I am shelling out $30 for a dozen oysters, I am having a mental lapse large enough to also order several $12 cocktails. 

Through this rational, I have become very acquainted with the cocktail list at Muddy Waters.

And I have to say it - lately, even more than their oysters, I have been loving the drinks at Muddy Waters.

I think we have all been taking it for granted that at all the world-class restaurants popping up around the city, there are also world-class bars serving up incredible cocktails.

Sure, I wish I didn't need to break out multiple 20 dollar bills to enjoy them, but isn't that the thrill of being alive? Spending $30 to be served a quarter cup of booze from a hipster?  (No disrespect to the hipsters - yall are killin it)

Without further ado, allow me to present... 



Ain't Got No Thyme
Root Tea Liquer, Bourbon, Lemon, Lavender Simple, Thyme
This tastes like root beer, I repeat, this tastes like root beer. As it turns out, Root Tea Liquer is the expensive syrup we've all been waiting our whole lives to meet. 

Bergamot Kiss
Gin, Lavender Simple, Earl Grey, Egg White, Lemon
I am the first person to admit I am incapable of seeing "gin" and "lavender" in the same sentence and not ordering, but I am so happy I am a creature of extreme habit. 


Feather of the Phoenix
Anejo Tequila, Blood Orange, Lemon, Simple, Grand Marnier, Egg White
How do I put this lightly?  This drink is wonderful, spicy, and tastes like a pepper... but like, a really natural pepper... like a pepper straight from the earth.  Basically, what I am trying to say is that there is a small aftertaste of dirt... but you'll be low-key really into it, trust me. 

Do you have a favorite drink at Muddy Waters?  Seriously, don't leave that place without being at least a little tipsy. 


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