My 3 Favorite Dishes at the Vandal in Pittsburgh

Originally published March 25th, 2017.

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I have been digging this new format of reviewing restaurants... mostly because I don't actually review them, I just talk about the parts I like.  

I mean, lets be honest. The Vandal has been around since 2015.  Do I really need to tell you about it? It is not hidden gem by any means. In fact, I think that is why I like and respect it so much. Despite the hype, and despite the fact Lawrenceville is passé, the Vandal still delivers an exceptional and unique meal every time you walk through the door.

Whether it be A: early morning coffee, B: trendy lunch, or C: a romantic dinner, the Vandal does D: all the above, very well.  The hype is warranted for this spot.

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The only menu item I don't enjoy is the polenta (too soupy for me, but that might be your jam). I love everything else.  However, I'm not a parent, these aren't my kids, and I don't have to love them equally.  

Here are my three favorite dishes at the Vandal in Pittsburgh:


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Oh my, I dream of these things.  I must admit that that picture ^^ is from the first time I had them (over a year ago) and they change the sauce frequently, so you never know what you are going to get. That time it was an orange cream which was divine... the next time it was some blackberry stuff that wasn't my favorite.  Regardless, the beignets could have dirt on them (which... I mean, it is Pittsburgh, I wouldn't be surprised) and I would still gobble them all up. 


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Yes, I really did just say a salad is one of my three favorite dishes.  Its the one in the picture above... not the soup, though that was pretty damn good as well.

This salad contained goat cheese, farro, and endives, and was light, yet flavorful.  I don't know what else to say.  The goat cheese didn't hurt the situation, so maybe that is why I liked to so much.   Basically, if you want to talk a walk on the wild side and order a salad in one of the top restaurants in the city, you wont even be disappointed. 


All I need to say is if you are craving fried chicken.... this is where you go. Goodbye. 

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