My 3 Favorite Dishes at Poulet Bleu

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Richard DeShantz has done it again.

The prolific Pittsburgh restauranter, known for a few little spots around town like... oh, I don't know, Tako, Pork & Beans, Meat & Potatoes, Butcher and the Rye... has opened yet another restaurant.

PLOT TWIST - It's not Downtown! The DeShantz group has finally moved away from 6th Ave and open a new venture in... wait for it...



Welcome to Pittsburgh, folks! 

While I am not entirely sure Lawrenceville needs another restaurant, I have to say I'm really happy the new restaurant, Poulet Bleu, exists. Like really, really happy. It's so damn good.  (It's DeShantz, what do you expect?)


Poulet Bleu calls itself an "American Bistro,"... or a restaurant with "French influences." To me it's a just a French bistro, but I'm sure somewhere down the line that isn't PC, so that's why we're calling it an "American Bistro with French influences."

Even if the food wasn't super delicious (which it is!), the restaurant is worth going to for the decor alone. The DeShantz team has once again hit it out of the park, and everything from the floor tiles to the background music creates a charming, "French-inspired," atmosphere. 


This is a terrific spot for a date or happy hour (4:30 - 6:30 I think).  

Of course, I had a few favorites from the menu.... so without further ado....

My 3 Favorite Dishes at Poulet Bleu in Lawrenceville:

Aligot Potatoes - Whipped potatoes with cheese


These potatoes are honestly closer to fondu than they are potatoes, but I am pretty o.k. with that. If you love cheese and carbs.. you're going to want to order these. 

Chocolate soufflé


Don't make the mistake of not order the chocolate soufflé for the table. It comes with about 45 side accoutrements like pineapples, ice cream, and various sauces. When you crack it open, the whole restaurant fills with the smell of fluffy chocolate. 



On point.

Honorable mentions:


I did not have this, but I heard from a friend that it was excellent. 

Steak (with cognac peppercorn sauce)

This would be my only critique - the menu is limited. I would normally never order steak, but this was all that appealed to me in the moment. However, I am glad I got it because it was fabulous. 

ps: DeShantz is currently working on THREE other restaurant concepts - fried chicken in the Strip, gin & raw fish Downtown, and..... something in East Liberty. 

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