Creatives Drink 6 - certainly keeping Pittsburgh dope

Originally published August 12th, 2016.

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24 hours have now passed since the beginning of "Creatives Drink 6" at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, and I am still not over it. Part of this is due to the fact that I am physically not over it yet (aka I'm still hungover), but also the fact this hangover was COMPLETELY FREE.

The "Creatives Drinks" series is a unique networking experience in Pittsburgh.   The idea is to get the creative people in Pittsburgh together in a room and see what happens.  The main goal is inspiration through talking, collaboration, and connection.


As a lubrication for the inspiration, Creatives Drink provides booze - and a lot of them.

When I first heard about the event, I was hopeful.  I mean, who is going to turn down free drinks and potential inspiration? 

Did it succeed? Lets just say the gymnasium at the Ace Hotel (the former YMCA in East Liberty) hit capacity within an hour.

Moreover, the room was truly buzzing with inspiration (or maybe that was the drinks...).  I got the opportunity to meet awesome person after awesome person, and hear all the awesome things they are doing in the fantastic city. 

Drinks, free concert tickets.... hipsters with go-pros.. It was all there last night, and it was surreal. 


The Creatives Drink series is the brain child of Chancelor Humphrey (@keeppittsburghdope) and Cody Baker, who wanted to make a Pittsburgh networking event, but they didn't want it to be "lame," as Chancelor so kindly told me last night.

The events started small in 2015, with around 15 attendees at the first event.  Ever since, they have not stopped growing.

Their list of sponsors is equally impressive: Wiggle Whisky, Boyd and Blair Vodka, Stage AE, Escape Room Pittsburgh, Franktuary, UBER, Red Bull.... I could keep going on, but check it out for yourself here


Previous locations include the Matress Factory, the Vandal, and Constellation Coffee and Howl at the Moon. How did these fellas succeed in scoring these awesome sponsors?  

"We just asked," said Cody.  How Pittsburgh is that? 

I seriously still don't fully understand it all.... but it was amazing, I am done questioning it.  Great news - these events are quarterly!  Look out for CD7 at the end of 2016 - I'll be sure to let yinz know.


Maddie says THANK YOU, CHANCELOR AND CODY. Maddie's liver does not.

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