Butterjoint & Legume - Restaurants with real city feel in Oakland

Originally published September 23rd, 2016.

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At any moment I have a list of restaurants/bars in Pittsburgh that I want to check out just sitting in the back of my head.  It's a long list, and it's always growing... yet somehow, every single one is "next on my list."  Don't ask me how that works out.  

One of those restaurants was Butterjoint. Luckily, I have a friend/Legume & Butterjoint cheerleader who persuaded me to bring Butterjoint to the forefront of my consciousness ... Thanks Jackline!


Butterjoint is a full service bar and late night eatery on North Craig Street in Oakland. The restaurant shares a kitchen/wall/owner with Legume, the acclaimed Pittsburgh restuarant originally located in Regent Square.  Butterjoint dubs itself "Legume's boisterous younger sibling" - and fits the bill.

I took to google to find out exactly when Butterjoint opened, and how long I've been unintentionally avoiding it.  Well, if this doesn't explain sing praises of Butterjoint and Legume, I don't know what will: I'm six pages into Google, and I am still in 2016 in terms of press and reviews about the establishment. 

Some of the highlights include this Wall Street Journal article on pierogis in Pittsburgh and this Eater post on Pittsburgh being the "next food city." (Yeah, another one of those.)  


If you want a night out in Pittsburgh with "real city" feel, go downtown or to Oakland.  And, if you choose the latter, Butterjoint and/or Legume is where you want to go.


If you are feeling fancy, choose Legume. I have not been (except maybe once when it was in Regent Square), but the press for the place speaks for itself.

The adjoining Butterjoint has it all - delicious burgers, drinks, exceptional service, and, of course, fluffy pierogis! Butterjoint is the perfect late night spot in the city, open 4:30 pm - Midnight, Mon-Sat... where are we, NYC?

The atmosphere is somehow old-time bar and completely modern at the same time. The menu changes daily and uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients.  

If I haven't convinced you by now, what do I have to do?? Show you a picture of their apple and green tomato crisp?? Okay, fine!  


Also... I should probably mention the happy hour specials :

Happy hour @ Butterjoint: 4:30–6:30p Monday–Friday
$4 Craft Beer
$5 House Wine / $10 Carafes
$7 Cocktail of the Day

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