Brooklyn-boho flowers on the Northside - The Farmer's Daughter Flowers

Originally published November 16th, 2017.

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Day 4 - Thursday, November 16th

The Farmer's Daughter Flowers

431 E Ohio St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know about The Farmer's Daughter Flowers, a flower shop located on the Northside of Pittsburgh. So yeah, I know not "discovering" this shop, but everyone over there is great, and the shop is always deserving of some extra attention! 

The kitschy, yet classic flower shop has received a lot of national attention since they opened two and a half years ago. Their instagram account (which is guaranteed to brighten up you feed) has nearly 26k followers. 

I first visited in the Summer of 2016. The shop had been "on my list" of places to explore for months and months. When my best friend's mom (who is a florist in Denver), texted me about the place (after finding it on Instagram), I knew I needed to make the trek over there. 

The shop is delightful! Even if you aren't buying anything (good luck with that!), just walking around will fill you with cheer! Spanning two rooms, The Farmer's Daughters is filled with tubs and tubs of fragrant flowers. They also have a ton unique trinkets and jewelry that you won't find elsewhere (see: enamel pins in the shape of a negroni). 

Plus, the whole place looks like Anthropologie and Fixer Upper had a baby. 


The trinkets are great, but it is a flower shop, after all..... they they certainly know what they are doing. Their bouquets are unique, using elements like Thai basil, eucalyptus, and dahlias. They are as fragrant as they are beautiful! 

My mother had a brief surgery at the nearby Allegheny General Hospital a few months ago. While she was in the OR, I ran over to The Farmer's Daughter in a tizz to pick her up some flowers. I had limited cash on me, and was really stressed out about the situation. The staff was super accommodating, and helped pull together something that fit within my budget.   


On the right are the flowers I ended up getting! Everyone in the waiting room at the hospital (including the nurses) kept asking where I got them. They even put a smile on my Mom's face post-surgery, and made our car smell wonderful on the drive home. 

I am still super grateful for this - thanks Farmer's Daughter!

If you're looking for a cute gift, or an extra special bouquet, I cannot say enough good things about The Farmer's Daughter. Pittsburgh is super lucky to have a spot like this. 

I also included them on my Valentine's Day flower guide earlier this year. God knows that holiday will be back again very soon, so check that out.

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