The 6 Best Places for Pizza in Pittsburgh

Originally published May 27th, 2017.

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Hi guys, I guess it has been a bit since I posted... Well, actually, it has only been 4 days, but somehow my page views have plummeted, and my own BOYFRIEND asked, "Do you even post on the Gal-ivanter anymore?"

Harsh guys! I'm here.

I was kinda struggling to come up with a topic...but then I reached into the depths of my brain...and found pizza?

I've been asked like 4-5 times in the past few weeks what my favorite pizza place in Pittsburgh is, and well - I have a couple! 

So, without further ado....




Dinette is not only my favorite pizza restaurant in Pittsburgh, but also my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh...period.  

I have felt this way for a long time - I had my 16th birthday dinner at Dinette. Every time I go there, I leave so satisfied....
I also usually leave with another pizza to-go, because these pies are equally good as breakfast the next morning.  
The prosciutto - arugula is a must order. 

Also, the shishito peppers are pretty perfect. 


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Sorry, but this is the second best pizza in Pittsburgh, and I'm the only one who gets to eat it! My mom can make several crusts, but her focaccia is incredible.  Also, I have spent pretty much my entire life begging her to make her four-cheese pizza. 

If you were looking for a reason to be my friend (it can be hard, I know), now you have one!


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This mobile pop-up is slangin some of the best pizza in the 'burgh.  My friend Jackline and I went full Driftwood groupie a few weeks ago, and literally went to every event they did for like a month.  Obviously, now I have play them cold.

These guys have some of the best crust in the city - check out their facebook to see when you can catch them next. 

Also, look out for their pizza parties with Black Radish.

2/12/18 Update: Driftwood is now opening a pizzeria in Lawrenceville 



It was literally some act of god that I had this photo on my phone.  Even though I go to Pizza Taglio pretty frequently, I have almost zero photos.  That is the thing about Pizza Taglio... the lighting is not very good for pics. Don't get me wrong, it sets a wonderful mood... but no, I can't take pictures of my meal. Who cares?

This is a great place to bring out-of-towners.
Roman style pizza. 
Busy on the weekend, less crowded during the week.
Order the Greenpointer, and the Pig-face with an egg yolk on top.

This is just some seriously good pizza. 

Pizza Taglio. 


 this is not the correct pizza, but i needed a picture

this is not the correct pizza, but i needed a picture

This might be really controversial, but the thin-crust pepperoni pizza from Vocellis is really, really good. This is my pizza delivery stand by, and I'm always happy when I get it. Yeah, they may be a regional chain, but they are based in Pittsburgh. If you need to order a pizza, see if you have a Vocellis near you. They also have hella coupons - who wouldn't want that! 

I desperately tried to find a photo of their thin-crust pizza online, but had no luck.
VOCELLIS what are you doing, man! You need to be spread'n the word on your thin crust 'za! 


 photo courtesy vincent's pizza park

photo courtesy vincent's pizza park

People ask Mineos or Aiello's, I say Vincents.  Vincents has been my go-to "classic Pittsburgh" pizza shop since my teacher introduced it to me in middle school. Vincent's is famous for the 'Vinnie Pie,' but my favorite is plain cheese.  The shop closed down for a few years in 2012 (it had been open for 60 years before that), but it is back in business (kinda). 

Yeah, it is greasy... but please let's please stop pretending that that isn't delicious. Lets all stop kidding ourselves. I'm sick of this new "anti-grease" thing.

Vincent's Pizza Park. 

Honorable mentions:

  • Il Pizziolo: I like the Indiana location - really flavorful crust. 
  • Upper Crust pizza in 2003: It was really good back then, when they delivered it in sheets of paper stapled shut. 

If you feel differently, that is great - feel free to share you favorite Pittsburgh pizza shop in the comments below!

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