Enjoy Horoscopes and Cocktails at the Andy Warhol Museum

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Horoscopes? Cocktails? Okay, I'm listening. 

A cool (*free*) event is happening at the Andy Warhol Museum in May, so.....I thought I'd point it out. 

In conjunction with the museum's exhibition Adman: Andy Warhol Before Pop (which runs from April 27–September 2, 2018) the Warhol is hosting coloring party with music, specialty cocktails, astrology, and tarot card readings. Guests are invited to sip cocktails and color shoe, butterfly and cupid drawings (just like Warhol did in the 1950s with his friends and fellow artists). 

And because it's Friday, there will be half-price museum admission during (did you know they did that every friday?) 

Learn more about the exhibit and the event online. 

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