Pittsburgh in the Press: NPR & CNN - Pittsburgh and Uber

Originally published April 5th, 2017.

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Pittsburgh has been mentioned by both NPR and CNN this week because of - you guess it - our self driving cars.

I am a little disappointed about this focus, but I completely understand.  In fact, I am surprised it is not more prevalent. 

We. Are. Building. Robot. Cars. 

Doesn't everyone realize what this means for the future? Shouldn't people be writing about it every day?

Regardless, it does shed a bit of light (at least for people outside of the city) on the now rocky relationship between the city of Pittsburgh, and self driving cars.  I suggest giving both pieces a read.

NPR: Pittsburgh Offers Driving Lessons For Uber's Autonomous Cars

CNN: Pittsburgh's rocky relationship with Uber takes another turn


My favorite part is easily when Mayor Peduto is quoted calling his relationship with Uber "a one way street."

Well played, Peduto.  Well played. 

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