175 Pittsburghers Share Their Favorite Thing About the City

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Welcome to BurghGal.com! This is the sister-site of my travel blog, TheGal-ivanter.com!

This site is a long time coming. I've been writing so much Pittsburgh content on TheGal-ivanter.com, it made sense for BurghGal to have its own site. In fact, it made sense a long time ago.  I should have done this a while back, but "doing this" required rereading/transferring every blog post I've written over the past three years.... annnnddd guess what sucks? Rereading/transferring every blog post you've ever written. NO ONE should be confronted with that much of their old work! So many bad jokes. SO MANY grammar mistakes. 

However, it's over and done! Wooohoo. And we now have a much better organizational system for all of my Pittsburgh content - enjoy! 

For my "official" announcement post I wanted to make a list that was near and dear to my heart. 

Wayyy back in November I did a "Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway" on my Instagram. To enter, everyone had to leave a comment sharing something they loved about Pittsburgh. And wow. I was blown away by the response. Within minutes, I was nearly in tears (NEARLY! Don't get full of yourself, guys).

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Everyone's response was so heartfelt and charming. For the next two weeks as entries trickled in, this comment thread kept a smile on face, and made me appreciate this lovely city even more. I knew one day I would collect all of these answers into a blog post. 

If you entered that contest on my Instagram, you'll probably see you username below!

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175 Pittsburghers Share Their Favorite Thing About the City:

1. viperheartblog: Pierogies!  

2. alexisbuonoI: love Pittsburgh sports

3. lizfrompittsburgh: The skyline at night 

4. clrwatr: The food!

5. shannonplush: Love that PGH has just two degrees of separation instead of the usual six 😋

6. magswswags: The spirit of the city 

7. mandy_azzarelli: All the passionate, creative and inspiring yinzers I’ve gotten to meet!

8. evanderdog: I love my hometown and how it's grown into the best city in the country!!!

9. sawissinger: I love my friends that live here (even you, Shannon)

10. citylifeadventures: There’s always so many photo opportunities

11. sammy_friz: the vegan food!

12. alicia_march: I love that Pittsburgh has become home for me

13. alyssaandress: I love the ever growing young creative community! So much awesome talent here 

14. endlessweekend: I love that the Pittsburgh Zoo is offering free admission for a couple weeks this November. 

15. cricketlanestudio_: My fav thing about Pittsburgh is the FOOOOOD!!!!! I'm craving some Pamela's chocolate chip banana hot cakes Right now...

16. koolaidhurr: I love that Pittsburgh is a melting pot that accepts all people. I'm full of pride to have the 'burgh as my hometown!

17. annieperricole: I love all the amazing local makers here in Pittsburgh! 

18. colleenpburgh: I love all the bridges and that I’m coming back

19. angelicarosspgh: The community! It’s large enough that everyone has a bit of it that’s their own, but small enough to find a tribe of amazing, talented, inspiring people. 

20. katiecu93: Love coming home to see my friends and family (even better when I get to share with my out of state friends) and all of the amazing breweries and food the city has to offer

21. ryannjune12: Parking chairs and prantls almond torte.

22. nagemznarf: I just moved to PGH from Cincinnati. I love that Pittsburgh is like a more spread out, less trashy version of Cinci. Like Cincinnati’s cool grown up cousin. The familiarity has made the transition easier!

23. lackeysm1: I love how unique each neighborhood is...something for everyone and always something new to explore! 

24. cbad94: How much people underestimate it. I know so many people that think Pittsburgh is still all steel mills, and then come here to fall in love with how much it has to offer.

25. sarahmaxwell_: Just moved to Pittsburgh last year! Loving the breweries, amazing restaurants and friendly yinzers! Pittsburgh already feels like home to me 

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26. anna__hinkle: What’s not to love about Pittsburgh?! I think all the neighborhoods are such a fun aspect of our city. 💛

27. itsamander: i luv pgh food

28. erebss: Jekyll & Hyde Bar!!! 

29. maedupmaven: Prantl’s almond torte, and especially in a @burgatorybarmilkshake

30. twoeesformee: I love that Sharon Needles refuses to live anywhere else.

31. pghcitygirlblog: I love the skyline!

32. jensenlovesfood: Shadyside! 

33. beamirando: As a transplant to good ole Pgh, I feel like I've found a home in my people here! It doesn't hurt that this small big city comes with views to kill! 

34. genweist: We moved here a year ago for grad school and still can't get over how nice and genuine pittburghers are to strangers!

35. lindsaystclair: Food and bridges! 

36. jessicabritvich: I️ love all the breweries! (Brew gents and Dancing Gnome are my fav!)

37. katizz00: ❤️the cathedral of learning 

38. leeyoojc: I love the food culture that’s growing and growing!

39. jen_i_fur: I was born and raised in the burgh, then moved away to Florida...but aside from The Point, Incline, Steelers, Primanti Bro’s, Kennywood Cheese fries, The Strip, Penguins, all the Bridges and the only city with an entrance (I could go on for days)

40. emceehammr: The Strip District ✌🏻☕️

41. daj2009: I love my family and pierogies!! ❤️

42. em_jab: I love that there’s always an event, something to do, or somewhere to explore nearby...if you’re bored in Pittsburgh, you’re doing something wrong

43. radiant.om: picnics at The Point by the fountain after dark 😍✨⛲✨

44. trisha_savage: I love the people, so friendly.

45. jessicailutz: I love that everyone here seems to know each other somehow 

46. rustbeardryan: Being a Pittsburgh transplant from Virginia Beach, I've come to appreciate pierogies, chipped ham bbq, and French fries on sandwiches. Also, more importantly, the nationally renowned doctors and surgeons that saved my life after Crohn's Disease took my colon and gallbladder last year. Don't know where I'd be without all of the above.

47. lovelytravelsblog: I love that as I ride the bus to work everyday we all look out for one another! 

48. tayloramazing: The foooood! And the eats scene keeps getting better! 🍽

49. kalie1212: The strip district! 

50. anyonecantakeapicture: I love the photogenic quality of Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area. And I love the friends i've gathered upon this raft...

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51. kerribarron: I love Maddie. 


53. chicandcheaplifestyles: Lawrenceville!! (My neighborhood ❤️)

54. lauriedanison: The strip district! I always have to visit when I come back home!

55. ronni_davis: Homemade pierogie !!!!! 

56. hann_morgan: PITTSBURGH HAS THE BEST FOOD AND VIEWS AND SPORTS!!! #pittsburghishome

57. hennahen: Going to mt Washington on a cool summer night! 

58. aedorra: I love everything about Pittsburgh, from the small town vibes to the big city living and dining. 

59. stephstoes: I love the strip district & aiellos & fioris & friends!

60. ljsmanz: Running in North Park and the North Shore trails!

61. lisabarker: “It’s a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood” pretty much every day!

62. maryannevj: I love the people, the food, the north shore, the south side and the best sports town in the world!

63. co.indesigns: And what I love the most about Pittsburgh is that everyone is so nice but don’t mess with us when it comes to sports. 😉

64. lindache_ng: I love the kindness here in Pittsburgh, the over-abundance of good food, living in a heavily dog populated neighborhood (shout-out Shadyside!), catching shows in the Cultural District and Saturday mornings in my favorite part of Pittsburgh - the Strip District!

65. sandiohhh: I love that the pulse of Pittsburgh pumps hard just like the work ethic of the people here, yet has a soft spot that keeps us friendly and human in the big love we have for everyone. Except Philly fans. 😋 Just kidding, they're alright.

66. jf0608: The people!

67. curvy_and_confident: I love so much about this city! My favorite neighborhood is Lawrenceville. I was born and raised there, and it will forever be a part of me. It’s amazing how much it has changed! I still have so much exploring I need to do...little shops and boutiques and so many delicious restaurants!❤️

68. plannerfun_123: I love the sports community. It brings me and my family together to cheer for a team. Go pens and steelers!

69. gveltman: bridges on bridges

70. splekkelps: I love that Pittsburgh has welcomed me to be my most creative self

71. pittsburghplates: I love the people of Pittsburgh

72. yaymieyamz: your posts and stories are making me that much more excited to move to pittsburgh !

73. vexierougestar: The view coming out of the fort pit tunnel 😍

74. helinoftroy: I love all the restaurants 

75. morgan_chapman2: I love the sports culture 💛

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76. monica_fischer: There is a surprise in every corner

77. katie_whittle: I love the people who live here and how passionate everyone feels towards Pittsburgh! Yinzer forever 💛

78. brassylibrarian: The people of Pgh are what make it great. Funny, kind, and loyal. And simply the best! 

79. houseofcalebf.d: I love The Strip District it's got great food places: Wholey's Fish Market - best fish sandwich I ever had & it's a large portion , Klavons Ice Cream Parlor I love their Irish Creme Shake - a great place w/ lots of history there - it's got the watermark from the 1936 food & cool an antique phone booths, Peace Love And A Little Donut - I get there as often as I am able to love their atmosphere & there little 🍩🍩🍩, & there's other interesting food places like DeLuca's - I haven't been yet but plan on going & great shops from clothes to books ... 

80. peachykeencarly: I love Pittsburgh for its strong focus on welcoming others into the city. I love that it is my hometown, but it can be everyone's hometown. 

81. lkofmehl: The humans, good kind hard working people (who suck at merging, bless em)

82. bmorris7411: I love the people! Best place to live

83. keralee_: I love this city because this is a place where dreams can happen. I’m from the Midwest. I got here about 10 months ago, and this is already home for me.

84. karashields: I love my stillers!! 💗

85. krystalduke: I love all the small businesses! Example: We started a new farmshare this winter where we get produce from a bunch of different farms from around the region every week. 🙌

86. ekbweaves: I️ love the hills! 

87.  So hard to pick one thing! Paige’s dairy and their nancy b ice cream sundae. The small town vibe with a city landscape.

88. lolanikki: I love the Mt. Wash outlook the most since I just got engaged there 11/18 😍💍

89. rachel_casper: I love the community Pittsburgh is. I've been in the Carolinas on the beach and seen Steelers Nation. My parents went to Mexico and the ketchup was Heinz. Pittsburgh is a city of good people who work hard and love harder, and we've managed to work our way around the world.

90. _stephk: i love that even as a 20-something yr. old native, i’m still constantly discovering new awesome stuff! 

91. eyeartist777: The heartbeat of this city is rapid and strong. Always evolving... always showing signs of improvement... growth. So inspiring... so beautiful. #steelcity the food scene...Steelers, Pirates, Pens...so much to see and do. The Warhol 😍 So much culture tied together with these beautiful bridges. 

92. shanniniganz: The skyline of course 

93. laurflanagan: I love all the distinct neighborhoods & the small town feel! Pgh is unlike any other city I’ve been to in that way. Oh and that we’re the City of Champions!!!💛

94. mindfulveggie: I love the North Shore...beautiful ballpark, statues of Pirates legends and scenic walking trail, restaurants and breweries 

95. createnplate: Although there are a billion reasons, you know I gotta say the food 🍫🍕🍔🌮🍩

96. nboczar: french fries on salads 

97. katerbug22: I love how friendly everyone in the city is!!!

98. marissaburdett: I love Pittsburgh because of its contagious energy. Pittsburghers love Pittsburgh and we're not afraid to show it! There's also so much creativity and innovation that's still rooted in that blue collar mentality. It's the kind of city you love to come home to after a trip away.

99. kimberd1286: I love the view coming through ft Pitt tunnels.. so much so that I have a tattoo of the skyline so I can see it everyday :)

100. 1flychicken: I love the scooting across the Birmingham bridge! It’s so big I feel like I’m in the Giant World from Mario 3. ✨🌉💗 I legit tear up... ask 

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101. moscatoismymantra: I love treating ourselves to a meal at Smallman Galley! It's great to know we're supporting local upcoming chefs and getting a delicious meal at the same time 😛😊

102. pam.ferguso61: I love the food! It’s become a foodie town with so many wonderful restaurants! 

103. afayepr: COMMUNITY ✨ 

104. sayapapayajewelry: The people!! 

105. marandaflamm: Support ✨✨✨ 

106. amandafayecowan: The food & bev scene 👏🏽

107. grlpwrpgh: The boss babes making BIG moves around town 💁🏾💁🏼💁🏻

108. ellemwhit: I love that there is always something to discover in Pittsburgh. Lived there most of my life and there are still new things to fall in love with!

109. agypsyinthecity: I love all the cool coffee shops in Pittsburgh and the amazing boutiques!

110. molliiiiann: The skyline holy crap 😍😍😍😍

111. elevkulich: I love all of the cool low-key hot dog shops in Pittsburgh, I feel they never get the recognition they deserve and each one always has a cool story. 

112. the_lounge.llrw.amiek: Beers! 😂 

113. nomadic.yinzer: My family 

114. thackerybnx: I love the unique attitude that Pittsburgh has. One of a kind people in a one of a kind place. 🖤💛

115. laineybeanson: I love Smallman Galley and that Pirates stadium!!!

116. shadleys_story: Moved here this year to start our own small business - the people here are so friendly!

117. amyyr_93: must have something to do with the perogies....

118. _jillrn_: Pittsburgh is where my family is, and it will always be home. I love the food, the people, the views/scenery, and the general feel of coming home. I'm in Tampa, Fl, and I'll always be a Pittsburgh girl! 

119. emirosietoes: Finding new and unique places to visit all over the city and telling all my Ohio friends about them ❤️

120. witkowskinicole: Biking the many great trails

121. breejoyce: DEM STILLERS N’AT 

122. edengen: I love exploring the city with you and finding such cool places

123. craftbeerwizard12: I love all the breweries! 

124. curlyqpgh: I love all of the walking trails.

125. livpgh: I love your page!!!! And I love all things pittsburgh 🌉

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126. naturestrueart: Love everything about Pittsburgh, especially our pride in our city and of course, the good eats! 🖤💛 

127. jayne2655: I love the rivers! 

128. katelynneal: Love the city right on the river at night 😍

129. halliebubbles: I love the skyline! 🌆 

130. as.you.like.lit: What I love about Pittsburgh is that it’s where my husband is from and is now my home too. I also love how Midwestern it feels culturally since I grew up in Iowa. I always feel at home here. 

131. ginnskye: I love the museums and art available to see!

132. cagonano: Cookie Tables 🙌🏼🙌🏼 

133. ally_steve: I love the steelers and all the amazing restaurants !!

134. karolyn_emily: I love all of our incredibly talented local artists and our amazing maker spaces!

135. athousandpizzas: There’s too much that I love to pick only one! So I’ll go with — I love Pittsburgh because it’s home! 💛 

136. jls149: Walking down the sidewalks of the strip on a Saturday or Sunday morning

137. tinetine.pgh: I love that Pittsburgh is my home (since 2008) and I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

138. playingf0rkeeps: Best dive bars, best pizza, best rowhouses - I miss it

139. bmattisemua: I absolutely love the Fort Pitt bridge view 💜

140. balmsandbaubles: I love pierogies and bridges and “you can’t get there from here.” The National Aviary is one of my favorite places in the world!

141. sidecar_elites: The northside; met my fiancé on the east end, found out he was my neighbor in the northside/ warstreets. Fell in love, made a baby. It's a small world in Pittsburgh- love this.

142. ecadden89: I love all the bridges 

143. ashleylauren90: I love Phipps and the food!

144. amybethlevier: The restaurants and the people! 

145. twol4d: I love all the arts and cultural events in Pittsburgh! Always something awesome going on!

146. knittingchick: The theatre, the views & the people!

147. cassidycolleenx: The food! (And the fact that it will always be home 

148. amykay: I love the food and the people! 

149. clumsycreative: I love the artist and crafter community!

150. hannahc216: The people and their Pittsburgh pride 💛

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151. srfbort: THE BEER!

152. davonmagwood: The food

153. laurenkrosspolinski: Born and raised in PGH! We love seeing friends and family when we visit and all of the fun things the city has to offer ❤️

154. vanessa6377: The food in the city!

155. cincodejenna: I love the atmosphere in this city! It’s amazing!

156. daniellenortheast: I love the die hard yinzers. The people who say and do precisely what their heart tells them because they love this damn city so much and they don’t care what any of yinz think about it.

157. pittsburgh_foodie: I love the sense of community! I just temporarily moved away and miss how tight knit pittsburgh is and how we have such great traditions. I mean, what other city has people who call local newscasters by their first name like they personally know them? And I always love talking about the sports teams and telling fun facts about the city 🤗

158. nicolem_mclean: The character of the city!

159. elliemaesmom: There’s truly something for everyone. And it’s gorgeous. Coming through the Ft. Pitt tunnels into downtown - that view NEVER gets old & I have lived here all my life! 💛💛

160. macyyu: Noodlehead

161. 0clementine: The small town feel with city perks!

162. seanderson788: the pirates ⚾️ and market square at Christmas ⛸🎄
kate13432:I love the seasons in the burgh 🌷🌻🍁🎄

163. kitsburgheats: nonstop things to eat, drink and do. Oh, and people are nice and stuff. 👍🏼

164. brehunter14: Can’t beat the endless things to do and the food in this city! We love it here! #yinzers

165. kathleenjconway: There isn’t anything I DONT love about Pittsburgh! Love the small town feel but so much to do and explore!

166. pghlauren: but really, the food 😎

167. sarahhhgee: I love the view of Oakland from the 36th floor of the Cathedral of Learning when it’s snowing and the sun is still low in the sky and you can see smoke rising on the horizon. Hail to Pitt!

168. mariajenea: The coffee! The food! The views!

169. ogmermaid_: Brunch

170. kcdamare: definitely brunch! 😘

171. stephstoes: I love reminding everyone i’m from Pittsburgh 🙃

172. the.amazing.herzerka: The people. Pittsburghers are some of the most welcoming people. We're a friendly city. We might try to act standoff-ish at first but then we're hugging you like we've known each other forever.

173. natalienaeseth: I love how friendly and inviting pittsburgh is ! 

174. laurelpodlesnik: The food and coffee

....and and I love the people! (175)

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