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Madeline Quigley is a food/travel writer from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  While she is a firm believer in the fact Pittsburgh is the greatest city on earth (and blogs about it often), her true passion lies in travel, and she is always dreaming and scheming of her next destination.

After college, she backpacked through Europe and Southeast Asia.  During these trips, she started her travel blog, The, where she posted backpacking tips and travel guides (and let her family know she was alive and stuff).


After returning to Pittsburgh (and talking about her trip an insufferable amount), she began exploring her hometown just like any other exotic destination. She also started to get really annoyed with the places online guides suggested for first-time visitors in Pittsburgh. To combat this, she started publishing her own Pittsburgh recommendations. Pretty soon, The Gal-ivanter was no longer a "travel blog," and well on its way to becoming a "Pittsburgh blog."

That is where this site came in! is the Pittsburgh sister-blog of The Gal-ivanter. Same person, same passion, same glasses.... just a much better organizational system! 


If you're here to learn more about Pittsburgh, you have come to the right place! If you're looking for advice on crossing the border between Cambodia and Laos, or the best hostels in Slovenia, I would head over to

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ps: this is me, Madeline, and I'm not sure why I wrote this all in the 3rd person